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UH- James Lysander V.3 by KeybladerNyaro UH- James Lysander V.3 by KeybladerNyaro
New Reference for #Underground-Heroes because it had to be done anyway.

Name: James Lysander
Alias: chaos VII
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas
Power: Regenerative Healing Factor
If he is injured in any way his wounds will heal automatically, this can range from small cuts and bruises to broken bones and even missing limbs.

Background Info: James had a relatively normal childhood until he was eight and there was an accident. His mother was driving him home on a rainy night and they got into an accident that should’ve killed them both. They were hit by a semi-truck and the car rolled into a ditch. After hours of being trapped in the wreck James was found without a scratch, his mother however was not so lucky, she died. James’ father, Robert, took the death of his wife hard, falling into a depression and often drinking a lot, but what was worse was he didn’t understand how James survived. Afterward James spent most of his time alone, afraid that his father would blame him for his mother’s death.

Two years after the accident that killed his mother, James had grown incredibly fearful of his father, Robert. The man’s drinking had only gotten worse. One night a man came to their house, somehow he knew about James’ “ability”, and explained to Robert that he could take the boy to his facility where he could “learn more about his power”. James was upstairs eavesdropping on the man and his father discussed. The man even offered Robert money to let him take his son but he refused. James didn’t hear this part, but when his father refused to give up James the man threatened him and forced his hand. All James knew was that he was going away and his father was not coming with him.

James was brought to a facility in the middle of nowhere; there he met the other children that the man had gathered for a study he called PROJECT CHAOS. He was given a dog tag that had engraved on it chaos VII, along with his name, which he now wears around his neck. While there he was experimented on and studied. He was also trained a little in martial arts and the use of firearms.

After six years in this facility James and the other six children managed to escape, and they went their separate ways. Not knowing where to go, and being on his own, James wandered, hitchhiking to get around, and sleeping wherever he could. While he was traveling in New York City he was hit by a car and taken to a hospital. He awoke, again with no injuries and attempted to sneak out of the hospital. As he made his escape he ran into a man, Dr. P.B, who had heard about the accident on TV. He offered to give James a safe place to stay where he could be with people like himself and learn about his powers. Needless to say he was skeptical, since he heard the same thing from the man that took him from his home. James agreed to go with him at least for a little while. This was the first time he set foot in the Underground.

In the years since then James has been living at the Underground. He still doesn’t know much about his powers, not that there is much for him to learn, but he tends to do more training in firearms. It makes him feel like he can actually do something to help.

Personality: James is a quiet young man who keeps to himself most of the time. Even around his friends he has a hard time opening up. He can come off as uncaring when you first meet him but he is really sweet. He is claustrophobic, and is afraid of riding in cars most of the time because of the accident that took his mother's life, but he has sort of gotten better with it.

Other Info:
- James loves to play piano but doesn't like to play in front of people because he doesn't think he's good enough.
- James has been experimented on for years so he hates doctors and hospitals freak him out.
- James is skilled in dual-wielding handguns and also has a sniper rifle in his room that he still needs practice with.
- James has a lot of fighting skills but he is usually reluctant to show off in front of others.


I used the picture I had already drawn and colored of James' hero costume and just added it onto this one. And I added some detail to his background because I have the beginnings of his backstory fully written so I added some stuff from there.

Character and Artwork (c) me

For :iconunderground-heroes:
Hamstertastic Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2011
Looks good 8D Make sure to add a basic description of his power c:
KeybladerNyaro Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh right. I knew there was something I was missing XD;

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